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About us

Measurement is the basis of almost every work you do in your daily life & to keep it accurate and calculated, prescription measuring instruments having been used for a while. With advancements in technology, these instruments went from analog to digital and the time has come where electronic measuring devices are now ruling the industry. So, to meet the needs of precise measuring instruments, Advancom has brought you a wide range of branded electronic measuring instruments which not just let you complete the task in lesser time but, with efficiency as well.
Advancom is a distributor of high quality premium measurement devices which are getting so common yet so important in factory production R&D, private & government educational bodies or even in the domestic lives. Incorporated in 2006, we have managed to provide you a one stop destination where you can find branded electronic measuring devices at reasonable rates. In a decade, we have collaborated with many renowned brands in instrumentation industry so as to meet the ever increasing demand of electronic measuring devices.


The list of some of the brands and products that you might find at Advancom is given below:


Xeltek Universal Programmer. Gang Programmer, Automated Programmer, ISP Programmer.
Delta United Hipot Tester, Transformer Tester, LCR Tester, Low-Ohm Meter.
Unicorntech DC Power Supply, Electronic Load. Programmable DC Power Sypply.
Xytronic Soldering Stations, Fume Extraction, SMD Rework System, IR Rework Station.
AC Power AC Power Sources, Frequency Coverter, UPS, Power Line Conditioner.
Good Will Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzers, Function Generator, IC Tester.
Tenmars Multimeter, Thermometer, EMF Tester, Light Meter, Clamp Meter.

Lodestar Signal Generator, Function Generator, Power Supply, Oscilloscope.
Conitec Mobile Device Programmer, Universal Programmer.
Lutron ? Anemometer, Tachometer, Lux meter, pH Meter, Sound Level Meter, Vibration Tester.
Leaptronix Logic Analyzer, Impulse Winding Tester
MCP Oscilloscope, DC Power Supply, Function Generator, Education Equipments
Siglent DSO, Waveform Generator, Power Supply, Spectrum Analyzer.
Gratten DSO, DDS Function Generator, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer.
Matrix Analog Oscilloscope, Function Generator, DC Power Supply
ODA Programmable DC Power Supply, Linear, Switching Type Power Supply.


Product training services repair and calibration services are some of the privileges that you might enjoy at Advancom. Come to us and we assure to be upto your satisfaction by providing you high quality solutions & services along with the highest product availability that are cost effective & fulfil all your requirements.

Our Brands